Food Pouches Are The Ultimate On-The-Go Snack Hack For Adults

Who remembers when the internet was abuzz about the “baby food diet?” It was reportedly “created” by fitness trainer to the stars Tracy Anderson and popular among her celebrity clients. As you might guess it involves eating baby food. Anderson denied telling her clients to eat baby food in lieu of “real food.” At the time the idea of the diet did seem absurd to me, but fast forward a few years and I’m now a working parent with limited childcare. I can confidently say baby food has saved the day on more than one occasion. 

We are so far passed Gerber apple sauce and added sugar options. There are literally countless farm fresh, protein and fiber-rich options made with clean ingredients and no added sugar. I can push a stroller, drive a car or partake in a meeting with one hand while drinking/eating a pouch in the other. Of course it’s not ideal and I wish I could sit down for a civilized lunch of grilled veggie and fish, but that’s not always realistic. So, what’s wrong with eating these fruit, veggies and produce in puree form?

These days you can find yogurt pouches, granola pouches, even salmon and beef options.

Click through our slideshow for some inspiration next time you’re looking for a quick snack on the go.