Make Room in Your Closet for These Eco-Conscious Activewear Brands

We probably don’t need to tell you that the production of synthetic materials like spandex and nylon isn’t exactly amazing for the environment. But as active women, we get that these fabrics offer comfort and convenience that are hard to give up. The good news? Stylish eco-conscious activewear does exist.

Many brands have found ways to use organic cotton, bamboo and other materials to fashion activewear pieces that won’t pollute our oceans, landfills and even the digestive tracts of living organisms. Others are leaving their mark by being conscious when it comes to choosing packaging materials. Like opting for eco-friendly packaging and partaking in initiatives like DHL Go Green Solutions to help reduce environmental impact. Then there are the brands that make it a point to repurpose synthetic materials.

Since we first spotlighted activewear brands leading the charge for change, the field has only grown in all directions. Here’s a look at the stylish standouts that are making serious efforts to be eco-friendly.