5 Minutes and This Workout Are All You Need to Start Every Day on the Right Foot

There are plenty of excuses not to work out first thing in the morning — the most compelling being sleep. Still, the benefits of rising and grinding far outweigh the drawbacks: working out boosts your energy, focus and, in the case of this five-minute routine devised by intenSati founder Patricia Moreno, your overall outlook.

For those unfamiliar, intenSati is a cult-favorite workout class that combines empowering mantras with interval training, martial arts, dance and yoga. In the video above, Moreno guides us through a five-minute, affirmation-infused lower body series that not only works your quads, glutes, calves and hamstrings, but also helps to clear your negative inner dialogue, especially thoughts relating to your body.

As Moreno explains, by “activating love and gratitude” for yourself at the start of your day, you’ll start “making new choices that’ll result in you feeling better and better, and that’s the goal.” And because a central tenet of effective habit formation is to make it easier, this mind-cleansing at-home workout routine requires hardly any time — and zero equipment.

Follow along in the video above, be your most centered self every damn day. 

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