10 Best Food Blogs to Follow for Healthy Living Inspiration

If you want to start the new year by replacing your white flour with coconut flour (it’s one of the healthy food trends for 2017, after all), your processed foods with fresh produce and your fatty meats with lean protein, we’ve got 10 food blogs to help you do just that. Lazy? That’s OK. Just looking at these dishes should be enough to, at the very least, inspire healthier choices next time you’re grocery shopping.

The above healthy foodies cover everything from breakfasts to snacks to dips to mains and include gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, raw vegan and healthy meat/fish recipes. You’ll also find as many ideas for seasoned home chefs who love using Goop-style ingredients as you will for busy parents looking to whip up dinner in 15 minutes using scrambled together ingredients. Here’s to a new year filled with congee porridge, zoodles and Greek yogurt frosting.