10 Photos That Prove Adriana Lima’s #Gymflow Is on Point

If you’re one of the 4.9 million people who follow Adriana Lima on Instagram, you know homegirl’s got the most impeccable #gymflow. As a model, Adri has to stay in shape and she doesn’t hesitate to share behind-the-scenes looks at her workout regimen, or the very sweaty aftermath of strenuous gym sessions. 

Whether she’s gramming post-gym selfies of her flushed face or showing us how to kickbox like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, Lima’s gym pictures never cease to entertain and make us feel just a little jealous that we don’t look as flawless as she does when she is sweaty and gross from a workout. So, to celebrate her 34th birthday, we’ve compiled some of our favorite gym snaps of Lima, who just seems to get more fit with age.

Happy birthday, Adri, and keep sweating it out!