Workout Music: Fitness Pros Share Their Ultimate Playlists

We already know that good music can help make even the most tedious workout more fun, but studies have also shown that it can boost workout intensity, allowing us to get fitter quicker. Since we’re not the only ones who’d rather sit at home with a box of cookies and a Netflix marathon, we’ve asked some of our favorite fitness professionals to share their best workout songs and playlists to help motivate us to hit the gym (or the great outdoors).


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Caroline Klohs, instructor at Pure Yoga

“The playlists I create to teach my yoga classes are a combination of classic acoustic renditions, a cappella harmonies, top 40s and girl pop. I encourage my students to dance throughout their practice; to find the rhythm of their breath moving within their body through the words and sounds of the music. One of the best compliments I can receive is someone asking for my playlist after class!”