Here’s How to Stop Sugar Cravings Now


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When it comes to sticking to a healthy diet, there are few things worse than the alluring scent of freshly-baked pastries from a corner bakery or seeing a table full of cupcakes every time someone in the office has a birthday. How are we supposed to resist? “While our ancestors’ cravings may have been legit indicators of nutritional deficiencies, today’s cravings could be described as ‘strongly desired wants’ rather than actual dietary needs,” explains registered dietitian Jenn Randazzo, MS, RD, LD. With that in mind, she shared with us five effective tips on how to stop sugar cravings.

Cancel That Fourth Consecutive Happy Hour

“Do yoga, get a massage, drink some chamomile tea. Vent for an hour to a bestie about how your boss doesn’t value you. Do anything to de-stress your life. Stress often can lead to serious food cravings, so compassionately give yourself the freedom to slow down. Calm individuals are less likely to stress eat and more likely to actually mindfully enjoy a well-balanced, healthy and delicious meal. Believe me, it will do much more for you than help minimize those sweet desires.”

Back Away Slowly (or Quickly)

“No matter how you move away from the temptation, just do it. The craving was subconsciously triggered, and we can consciously not fall subject to its allure. By moving away, we have the chance to realize that we’re not in fact actually hungry. Go for a walk, read your favorite blog, get caught up on the most recent social media news you’ve missed. Do something that will distract you. Most of the time, you’ll totally forget about that little peanut butter cup.”

Create a “Salt/Sugar” Schedule

“We schedule everything else, right!? Our manis/pedis, our kiddos’ playdates. Why not add a meeting with FroYo into your Outlook or Google calendar, too? Although it sounds silly, scheduling when you will treat yourself is a great way to manage cravings. It will be much easier to pass on your co-worker’s birthday cake on Thursday if you know that you have a date with Mr. Cheesecake on Friday night.”

Crowd It Out

“If you’re going to indulge, use the opportunity to get creative and make it nutritional. For instance, if you are craving Nutella and seconds away from grabbing a spoon and the entire jar, wait. Try this delicious and nutritious hazelnut chocolate smoothie made with Vega One All-in-One Nutritional Shake that will please your taste buds, while boosting your daily intake of protein and greens.”

Take One — No, Seriously

“If all else fails and you say, ‘Screw it’ to all of the other tips, do abide by this one: Just take one. One serving, one piece, just one. It’s not the fact that we eat ice cream, it’s the fact that we hammer the entire container in one sitting, while watching Bridesmaids for the 12th time. So, if you’re going to dig that spoon into the container, do it once and put the container away.”