4 Ways to Look More Fit Without Working Out

Normally I’m not one to promote “get fit quick” schemes, but sometimes you still want to look fab regardless of how religiously you’ve been eating healthy or hitting the gym. For the days you’ve been lacking the time to go (and we’ve all been there), here are four easy ways to look instantly more fit without a sweaty workout session.

Get a Tan

Excuse my poor horrible Photoshopping, but there’s a reason why bodybuilding competitors look like they’re one fake bake away from a serious case of melanoma. Being tan makes you look instantly more lean, defined and super fit. The opposite is also true — us fair-skinned folk can struggle to look sculpted even if we actually are.

side by side comparison before after ta

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Want to get a tan? Skip the tanning beds or sun worshiping. Sun damage is the leading cause of premature aging and exacerbates skin discoloration along with hyperpigmentation. Instead, opt for a spray tan or try your hand at self-tanning. My personal favorite is St. Tropez, since it boasts an easy, streak-free application and is totally foolproof. 

Hold a Plank 

I know that we said no working out, but a quick plank never killed anyone, right? Miranda Kerr swears by this trick for a pre-photo shoot bikini body and planks for 10 minutes every day. Planks are a total-body workout that aren’t as strenuous as cardio and will leave your abs, legs and arms more toned than they were just moments before. Do two, one-minute sets for instant tightening. 

how to plank correctly with notes

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To hold a plank correctly:

  • Stare at your hands on the ground to keep the back of your neck straight and avoid neck strain.
  • Lift your belly up and pretend you’re pulling your belly button to your back.
  • Keep your knees and legs straight.
  • SQUEEZE your abs and glutes.

Nude Heels

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to don a pair of your favorite nude pumps to make your legs look instantly longer and slimmer. The elevated heel also engages your leg muscles, making you look more fit and toned. Be sure to get a pair of heels that matches your undertone, as many “nude” heels actually tend to look gray. Having a pair of heels that closely matches your skin tone will result in the best effect both in person and in photos. If you’re yellow-toned like me, Steve Madden, Sam Edelman and Nine West make plenty of shoes in the perfect shade.

Eat Right

detox lemon ginger tea in a mustache cupAvoid foods that cause bloating, like salty foods, dairy, grains and soda. Diet soda is particularly bad if you’re trying to avoid bloating. Start your day off with a soothing warm drink of water with a slice of lemon. I try to drink two cups when I wake up in the morning to help get my digestive system going. All of the ingredients that go into my “detox tea” are anti-inflammatory and help fight bloated bellies, faces and lymph nodes.

Being hydrated in the morning will also help you feel more awake, even without your morning cup of joe. For an added health boost, I add in lemon juice to promote beautiful, clear skin and toss in a few shavings of fresh ginger to eliminate intestinal gas and soothe the intestinal tract. If you don’t like the taste, you can try adding a green tea bag or honey — both have great anti-inflammatory properties and are full of antioxidants. Enjoy!