Cozy Winter Accessories To Snuggle Up In

Image: Catherine Falls Commercial for Getty

Unless you love to ski or snowboard, I’ve never understood the appeal of winter. It’s widely known that it’s an oft trigger for seasonal depression and it’s peak for coughs, runny noses and other noxious problems no one wants to deal with. Not to mention the dry skin, hair and nails that come with the changes in humidity and blasting heaters.

Many people’s diets also tend to fall by the wayside and some studies have shown that winter makes it harder to lose weight. While some things are beyond our control, making an effort to get dressed in clothing that make me feel great – even when it’s the last thing I want to do – I’ve found to be key to maintain my sanity through potential winter blues. Brownie points for sparkles and rainbows.

With that in mind, click through our slideshow for some winter accessory fashion inspiration.