The New Hawaiian Shirt

Yes, Hawaiian shirts are having a moment – and we’re loving this throwback trend. Right about now you’re probably having color clashing visions of Beach Boys looks, but rest assured this is not that. This old school summer trend has gone from the cheesy to the chic making it a perfect part of an off-duty look whether you’re heading to brunch with friends, after-work drinks or a date night.

This trend dovetails well with the mens-inspired looks we’ve been seeing (from jean cuts to blazers) as this is a look that started in menswear. They key to making it work is to pair the shirt with tailored neutral bottoms, whether they be a skirt, jeans our trousers. And whatever you do… stay away from shell necklaces.

Checkout our slideshow for a look at new, stylish takes on the Hawaiian shirt to suit a variety of styles and budgets.