Opera Gloves Are the Surprisingly Wearable, Soon-to-Be Staple for Fall

Trends are called trends for a reason. They tend to come and go with the seasons. So when something comes along that’s truly sustainable, you know in it for the long haul, we sit up and take notice. Which is why opera gloves need to be on your radar.

They were everywhere in the Fall 2021 collections. But they’ve been slowly building their case for a while now. Whether used as originally intended to complement an elegant dress or layered under a coat to keep your hands arms warm, the effect is still the same. Sheer glamour.

Speaking of sheer, you can definitely go the see-through route. Especially if you plan on rocking them with a fall dress. There are also wool, more mitten-like offerings. Although leather versions (both real and faux) may be your best investment. Why? They’ll never go out of style.

Black is the most popular hue, but it’s not the only option. From neon green to a deep purple and even bright pink, they’ll add a pop of color to jazz up even the most bland cold-weather ensemble.

Here are our favorite pairs of opera gloves to wear now and forever. They come in a variety of price points so everyone can indulge.