Coordinating Your Bags With Your Clothes Is the Latest Thing

We’re all familiar with certain style “rules.” Like not wearing white after Labor Day or making sure to match your shoes with your bag. But as we all know, rules were made to be broken. So instead of complementing our purses with our footwear we’re opting for coordinating bags with our tops, bottoms and dresses.

Sure, you can just pile on lots of logo-clad pieces and call it an outfit. That’s not exciting, though. Instead, we’re all about corresponding patterns, colors and symbols. Also, there’s no need to rock the same thing from top to bottom. Although it is possible if you’re into that sort of thing. We prefer to match our bags to just one piece of clothing. Look at it as more of a minimalist approach.

That’s not to say some of these items aren’t instantly recognizable. (Burberry checks, anyone?) Especially since big fashion houses are responsible for this microtrend. You just don’t need to spell it out for everyone literally.

Keep reading to see the best coordinating bags and their close cousins to add to your wardrobe.