Steal the Spotlight This Fall With These High-Shine Jackets

Fall is all about jackets. OK, maybe jeans, sweaters and boots, too. But it’s the outerwear that really gets us excited and more than willing to say goodbye to the hot weather. This fall we’re looking to stand out. So we’re embracing high-shine jackets that are hard to ignore.

Whether they’re vinyl, patent leather or PVC, these coverups are begging to be admired. Plus, they’re great for braving those autumn rain showers. Slip one on and you’ll instantly elevate any look. Even if you’re just rocking a plain white tee and jeans.

Black is the standard shade. Although there are plenty of colorful options out there. From eye-catching blues to fresh neutrals and even a vivid fuchsia.

Scroll down to see the high-shine jackets you need in your life.