These Beauty Brands Have the Best Merch

It’s no longer enough just to sell a product. We crave the full experience. It’s become commonplace for fashion brands to expand into cosmetics (along with housewares and even food). But it wasn’t common to see the reverse. At least until now. The game is changing with beauty brand merch that lets you flaunt your love.

In the last few years there has been an uptick in skin care, hair care and makeup brands releasing clothing and accessories. These launches have been met with as much excitement as their regular beauty drops. Some pieces are in such demand your only hope of scoring them is by adding your name to a waitlist and crossing your fingers.

Everything from branded baseball caps to sweatshirts to bags and even shoes are available. So you can basically support your go-to beauty brand from head to toe.

Scroll down to see the beauty brand merch that takes rocking logos to the next level.