These Denim Trends Are Set to Dominate Fall

Fall equals denim. Jeans to be exact. There are certain denim trends that begin to surface this time of year. Sometimes they’re ripped from the runway. Other times celebs set the tone. It can all be a little confusing. So we went ahead and rounded up the best jeans that fall under the Fall 2021 denim trends.

Just a heads-up: low-rise jeans are staging a comeback. We have the resurgence of everything early aughts to thank for the rebirth. On the other end of the denim spectrum, overly baggy silhouettes are coming for your skinny pairs. When it comes to washes, dark is your best bet. Now we’re not talking about black or gray jeans. No, we’re referring to those deepest, darkest blue hues.

Like your jeans with a little personality? You’re in luck because graphic patterned pairs are hot right now. From leopard to paisley and even more abstract designs. Another way to stand out from the jean-wearing crowd is by slipping on a shredded pair. You know, the kind that are (almost) falling apart.

See below to discover the best jeans that cover the Fall 2021 denim trends.