Extend the Life Span of Your Summer Tops With These Cropped Pants

As we inch closer and closer to September, we start thinking about what we’re going to wear this fall. After a season of buying everything from mismatched bikinis to seasonal pajamas, it’s time to focus on items that’ll see us through November. Enter cropped pants. Also known as the easy way to keep your flirty summer tops in rotation.

You’ve most likely been pairing your summer tops with cutoffs, miniskirts or even Bermuda shorts. But you’ll need to rethink that strategy once the temps dip. Especially since fall weather can be rather unpredictable.

For the record, when we say cropped we’re not talking about culottes or the aforementioned Bermudas. No, we have in our sights pants that still hit well below the knee. In fact, some graze the tops of ankles.

These pants are perfect for flaunting those sandals you’ve picked up over the last couple of months. Along with all your new tanks and shoulder-tie tops.

Check out the best cropped pants to wear till fall wraps up below.