How to Head Back to the Office in Style

Most of us have become used to working from home decked out in our finest loungewear. But with offices opening back up, soon it’ll be time to pack away those relaxed matching sets. While some dress codes are loosening, we doubt sweatshirts and sweat shorts will be permitted. Which is why we compiled several stylish back to the office outfits.

When we say “stylish,” we mean more suited to artistic professions. So if you work in a strict corporate setting, these ensembles may not be for you. We made sure to pick pieces geared toward warm weather. It is the middle of summer, after all. Although many of our picks will easily slot into any fall wardrobe.

We’re leaving accessories, including masks, and shoes to your discretion. You probably already have those somewhere in your closet. We’re also not listing necessary summer layering devices, like tank tops. Because, once again, we’re confident they’re already in your arsenal.

Here are 10 back to the office outfits any fashion-forward employee will love wearing to work.