Make a Statement This Summer With These Groovy Patterned Pants

Summer usually means cutoffs, crop tops and swimsuits. But this summer, there’s a twist in our sartorial strategy. That’s because we’re falling hard for all the pairs of groovy patterned pants out there.

From psychedelic prints to funky florals, it’s like we’ve been transported back to the late 60s. Not that we’re complaining. Just like the punchy patterns, the colors also stand out. We’re talking hot pink, bright blue and cool green.

Since these trousers are pretty eye-catching, you want to keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple. That’s where those summer foundations, like tank tops, come into play. Depending on your height, you also may want to skip flat sandals. You definitely don’t want the bottoms dragging on the ground.

Scroll down to see the best pairs of groovy patterned pants.