12 Pairs of Dad Sandals That Are Cool AND Comfortable

In this day and age, comfort rules. So as we (hopefully) head back out into the world this summer, it’s time to temporarily ditch those tight, strappy sandals that leave your feet covered in blisters in favor of dad sandals.

The thick-soled sandals with chunky straps are all the rage right now. Which makes sense given the popularity of their colder-weather cousins aka dad sneakers. (Not to mention the general resurgence of dad fashion.)

While dad sandals have a slightly orthopedic look, they’re still stylish. A few of them have bold buckles, quilting or other accouterments. Chanel even sells a fancy version that’ll run you more than $1,300. The good news? You can find plenty of comfy yet fashion-forward sandals for way less.

Scroll down to see the dad sandals you’ll want to live in this summer.