Spring Soulmates: Why Button-Downs and Shorts Are the Perfect Couple

Spring is tricky. It can be borderline hot one day and close to freezing the next. As we get farther along, temps tend to moderate. Although we’re often still left strategizing what exactly to wear to look cool while keeping warm. (That’s why spring layering is a learned skill.) But there’s an under-the-radar pairing that’ll solve all your springtime woes. We’re talking about button-down shirts and shorts.

You may never have thought about teaming the two together previously. Which is a real shame since they go together so beautifully. A long-sleeve button-down shirt is pretty versatile to begin with. But it’s a perfect foil for shorts because it provides some coverage up top while you flaunt your legs below.

Another benefit? Button-downs are great for tucking. Whether you prefer a full tuck, half tuck or any other fraction. Oversized versions are especially helpful in these situations. It’s also ideal for showing off shorts with fancy waistbands.

See below for the best button-down shirts and shorts pairings to wear this season.