Midriff Flossing Is the Seemingly Tricky Trend Anyone Can Pull Off

When you think of flossing, your mind probably jumps to oral hygiene or that viral dance craze. But flossing has also worked its way into fashion. The midriff flossing trend captures the daring allure of cut-outs and cropped tops.

It first gained traction at the Spring 2021 shows. Jacquemus, Jonathan Simkhai, Christopher Esber and more showcased stomachs via crisscrossing and wraparound ties. Usually of the skinny variety. The trend isn’t limited to tops, though. Pants, skirts and even shorts are also on the menu.

Flossing has already proven to be a hit with celebs like Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski. But you don’t need to have rock-hard abs to rock the look. The ties are often adjustable so you can make the look work for you.

There’s no need to wait until summer to show some skin. You can balance out the ab reveal with maxi skirts or flowy pants. You can even layer a cardigan on top to (partially) cover up. As the weather warms, it’s perfectly acceptable to floss on the top and bottom.

Embrace the midriff flossing trend with these surprisingly wearable pieces.