There’s a Good Reason Why Cold-Shoulder Tops Are Making a Comeback

What’s not to love about Dolly Parton? The singer/actress/philanthropist is an icon in every sense of the word. And leave it to Dolly to bring back an old trend. We’re talking about cold-shoulder tops.

The living legend wore a shoulder-baring number to get the Moderna vaccine she helped develop with her own money. Frankly, it’s genius. Even if you rock a tee to get your shot, you may still have to roll up your sleeve. But with cold-shoulder tops, there’s easy access to that sweet spot where the vaccine needs to go.

Good thing there are plenty of options for the fashion-minded. If your appointment is sooner rather than later, you can add an arm-exposing sweater to your cold-weather lineup. If you’re not scheduled till later in spring, you can invest in a crop top or a lightweight blouse. Some picks show both shoulders, others favor one side. Plus, you can still sport these items long after your second dose. (Even next fall.)

Keep reading to uncover the coolest cold-shoulder tops around.