5 Trends From New York Fashion Week That’ll Make You Look Forward to Fall

Images: Imaxtree

While New York Fashion Week wasn’t its former self yet again, this season’s collections still have some things in common. Pretty amazing since we were treated to a mix of live shows, lookbooks and multimedia presentations. Another interesting takeaway? The top New York Fashion Week Fall 2021 trends are ones we’ve seen before.

There is one clear winner when it comes to the color of the season. Not to mention several already established chilly-weather patterns are back in play. You’ll be happy to hear that something you’ve probably already got hanging or folded neatly in your closet will still be relevant come September.

It’s also important to note that there’s lots of overlap. The hottest hue is prominently featured in prevailing patterns. It even works its way into that previously cited investment (wink, wink) piece you may already own.

Ready to discover what’s going to be on the top of every fall must-have list? Scroll through the slideshow above to reveal the top New York Fashion Week Fall 2021 trends.

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