Buy Now, Wear Now Open-Back Dresses You Can Also Wear Later

We’re getting to that tricky time of year when it’s too late to buy winter-based items. Especially if you consider shipping delays, by the time you get your new score, you may not be able to flaunt it until December. On the other hand, if you start adding spring pieces to your virtual cart, you’ll have to wait a bit to rock them. The solution? Best-of-both-worlds open-back dresses.

Ventilated dresses are great layering devices. You can cover them with a heavy coat or cardigan. Or slip a turtleneck or crew-neck sweater underneath. Hell, maybe do both. (You may also want to sport leggings or tights with midi or mini iterations.)

Come spring, whether it takes six weeks to arrive or not, ditch the layers. Although you may need to invest in a bra that’s designed for backless creations. Open-back dresses can even keep you cool enough to keep rocking them in summer. Just remember to apply some sunscreen back there to prevent sunburns.

See the slideshow for some truly stylish open-back dresses you can pretty much wear all year long.