Proof That Blazers and Hoodies Are the Perfect Seasonal Pairing

Loungewear is still popular. Everything from sweatshirts to sweatpants to hoodies are in high demand. And with temps dipping, the latter are great options to stay warm until spring arrives. (They’ll even keep your head toasty.) As great as hoodies are on their own, they’re even better with an added layer. That’s why blazer hoodie pairings are such good combos this time of year.

Combining blazers and hoodies allows you to keep wearing more lightweight jackets long into winter. But if you’re looking for extra insulation, try teaming a wool or heavy cotton blazer with a cotton or fleece hoodie. You may even be able to leave your winter coat at home.

Not every hoodie goes with every blazer, though. For instance, you don’t want to style an oversized hoodie with a slim-fitting blazer. For obvious reasons. Clashing is totally acceptable, but there needs to be a method to the color madness.

If all of this has you feeling overwhelmed about putting together the combo on your own, you’re in luck. We went ahead and did it for you. Check out the slideshow above to uncover the most stylish blazer hoodie pairings of the season.