Stylish Blue Light Glasses Even Finicky Fashionistas Will Love

By now we’re all well aware of the harm blue light can cause. With so many of us still working from home and staring at our computer, tablet and phone screens for hours on end, it’s no wonder there’s been a boom in blue light skin care. There’s one other line of defense you need to consider: blue light glasses. Of course, it helps if the glasses live up to your high sartorial expectations.

Tracking down stylish blue light glasses can be a chore. Trust us, we spent hours hunting. The good news is that there are pairs out there that reflect your stringent fashion standards.

From classic aviators and cat eyes to two-tone creations, there’s a style for every face shape and taste. You’ll even want to keep these babies on during Zoom meetings. Plus, the prices are relatively reasonable. We found ones for as low as $15 up to a max of $240. Just keep in mind that the prices frequently only cover the frames, the blue light-blocking lenses are extra.

See the slideshow above to find your new favorite frames.