12 Un-Basic Pairs of Khakis You Can Wear Now Straight Through Spring

Many trends came out of the Spring 2021 season. From fancy overlays to a variety of vests, but perhaps the most pervasive is the neutral renaissance. And there’s no better way to work the trend into your wardrobe than khakis. Well, fashionable khakis that is. Because the Spring 2021 khakis aren’t your average chinos.

Louis Vuitton, Simone Rocha and even Hermes are all sponsoring the khaki revolution. The pants are ultra baggy, cropped like culottes with exaggerated cuffs or high-waisted and strategically pleated, respectively. So that plain ol’ pair of chinos just won’t cut it. You should favor more fashion-forward options, like ones with utility pockets, statement cuffs or folded waistbands.

You don’t have to wait till spring to hop on the bandwagon. As we’ve pointed out previously, khakis can be worn across several seasons. (Summer may be the only time of year when they may appear a little out of place.) That means you can buy a pair today and keep sporting them until around May or June.

See the slideshow above to find the perfect pair of fashionable khakis to suit your sartorial needs.