Putting Together a Chic Outfit Is a Cinch Thanks to These Belted Must-Haves

Belts are often the unsung heroes of outfits. They can help us rein in our clothing or just provide that extra oomph that makes an ensemble a lewk. While we love adding a bold belt to our favorite winter coats, there’s an even easier way to make a statement. After all, there are tons of belted clothes currently on offer.

First a clarification. When we say belts, we’re not talking about those handy ties. No, we’re focusing on items with actual belts included.

If you think that really limits the options, think again. Dresses, shirts, skirts, pants and even jumpsuits are all on the table. And they boast a variety of belts. From big buckles to skinny bands to chain versions, the offerings are almost endless.

See the slideshow above for the best belted clothes that instantly elevate any ensemble.