It’s (Almost) Leather (Pants) Weather

There are certain fabrics naturally associated with fall. Like cashmere, wool and leather. It’s the latter we’re focusing on here. We’ve already championed the transitional prowess of leather dresses. So now we’re setting our sights on finding the perfect pairs of leather pants.

When most people think of leather pants, skin-tight slacks come to mind that are a real struggle to even get on. But, thankfully, that’s not always the case. Nowadays we’re blessed with a range of options and far more flexible materials, whether you favor the real thing or prefer to go faux. There are even loose and wide-leg versions that make comfort a top priority.

This season we’re not sticking strictly to black. We’re taking a more inclusive approach by considering colorful yet still season-appropriate slacks.

Scroll down to find the leather pants that best suit your style.