These Are the Top Trends of Fashion Month Spring 2021

Images: Imaxtree

Many big-name brands and designers opted out of the Spring 2021 season due to the ongoing health crisis. So we weren’t sure exactly how fashion month would look this time around. We wondered how many actual runway shows would take place and whether there would be any street style sightings. Another big question? Would any real Spring 2021 trends emerge?

Most of us assumed loungewear would be the only thing brands would really have in common. Boy, were we wrong. In fact, several overarching themes appeared. And the majority involve dressing up again.

Neutral shades were clearly favored. Although blue jean-esque hues also made an impression. You’ll need to invest in a new vest. FYI: Sweater vests are not acceptable. Accessories also made a real difference. From layered necklaces to fancy overlays, there will be plenty of bling for spring.

Here are the top Spring 2021 trends that are bound to be everywhere by April.

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