The Best Fall Jackets for When It’s Cool Not Freezing Cold

Fall is one of our favorite seasons. It starts out still a tad warm, then slowly gets cooler. So by the end of October, everywhere you go you need a jacket. Preferably a stylish one. No, we’re not talking about heavy winter coats. Save those for November through early March. Currently, we’re setting our sights on Fall 2020 jackets that offer an extra layer of warmth without weighing us down.

Traditionally, biker and denim versions are fall staples. Not to mention trenches. While we plan on including them in our fall jacket lineup, we’re also leaving room for quilted, shirt, parka and duster takes. Besides, fall jackets are like fall sweaters: you need more than one in your arsenal.

When it comes to price, we wanted to keeps things (relatively) affordable. So if your seasonal budget will only allow you to spend $50 or $60, we’ve got you covered. If you can stretch your dollar a little further into designer territory, we’ve got some great investment options you’ll be able to wear for years to come without looking outdated. Trends come and go, after all.

See the slideshow above for the hottest Fall 2020 jackets you’ll definitely want to show off.