Here’s How You Can Keep Sporting Summer Staples in Fall

The change of seasons signals the start of new shopping sprees. After all, we need to stock up on boots, jeans and other fall necessities. But in these stressful times where most of our budgets keep dwindling, investing in a full-on new wardrobe just isn’t an option. Thankfully, you can still wear your summer staples in fall, thereby getting more bang for your buck. As long as you know a few styling tricks that is.

Now we’re not suggesting you can’t indulge in a few seasonally-appropriate purchases. (Preferably ones you can wear in spring and summer, too.) We’re merely suggesting you don’t stash all of your tank tops, slip dresses, shorts and miniskirts in the back of your closet until next May.

As usual, the street style set is our go-to resource. From helpful layering techniques to how to properly clash, the crew is always a fount of sartorial knowledge. And every season seems to inspire fresh innovations. Like how to keep sporting those made-for-summer bra tops when the weather dips.

Here are the top tips and tricks on how to keep wearing your favorite summer staples in fall.