18 Pairs of Fall Sneakers for Fashion-Minded Folk

Thanks to the ongoing health crisis, casual clothes have risen in popularity. It’s like athleisure is back in fashion. (Not that it really went anywhere.) While many of us opt to go shoeless when we’re working from home, when we do decide to slip on shoes, we tend to favor sneakers. Although we all have a good stockpile, there’s always room for one more pair. Luckily, there’s a whole new crop of cool Fall 2020 sneakers for us to choose from.

Still feeling the dad sneaker trend? Acne Studios, Puma and Zara have options right up your alley. High-tops more your thing? You should check out Nike’s Sacai collab, classic Converse Chucks and Zimmermann’s 80s-era Velcro kicks. If you’ve been wearing those 90s platform sandals everywhere this summer, you’ll really dig the height of Jil Sander and Primury’s sneaker versions.

Neutrals are necessities this time of year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce a little color to your fall ensembles. We’re partial to baby blue and hints of pink, purple, yellow and red.

See the slideshow above for the top Fall 2020 sneakers to add to your (growing) collection.