12 Bold and Beautiful Designer Eyeglasses for Every Face Shape

It used to be that being “forced” to wear eyeglasses meant that you could no longer look cool. But nowadays, fashion houses are doing their best to change that perception by offering some truly stellar styles. Proving that the best eyeglasses not only help you see better — they help you look better.

Chanel is definitely one of the brands on the forefront of statement eyewear. Luckily, the legendary label just started selling its iconic glasses online. (Fitting given our current state of affairs.) But Chanel isn’t the only big name in the business. Everyone from Gucci to Chloe to Bottega Veneta and even Loewe offer bold frames.

Bold is clearly the name of the game in the optical arena. Oversized frames that cover way more than eyes are popular. When it comes to face shape, there’s something for everybody. Whether you fall into the round, oval, square, diamond, rectangle or heart-shaped category, they’ve got you covered.

Ready to completely change your face? Here are the best eyeglasses from the top designers that’ll instantly upgrade your look.