It’s Time to Invest in a Sweater Vest (or Two)

There have been several fashion trends that have taken a little while to catch on. Many of us initially mocked the emergence of bike shorts, voluminous dresses and statement collars, but eventually succumbed. Now you can add sweater vests to the ever-growing list. And the best sweater vests are bound to sell out before fall arrives.

A favorite of grandpas everywhere, the sweater vest popped up on runways as far back as 2015. Instead of fading away, it has actually gained momentum appearing in the Fall 2020 collections of Prada, Gucci and Christian Dior. There are many vests to suit your personal style. You can take the plunge with a deep V-neck. Or go for the my-sweater-is-missing-its-sleeves look. You can rock cropped ones or oversized takes, proving there really is something for everyone.

Another piece of good news? You can sport them while it’s still hot out. Just make sure you skip any scratchy wool versions that require layering a shirt underneath. When it comes to patterns, you can embrace the classic Fair Isle or show your stripes. If you’re looking for something that goes with everything, add a solid-colored pick to your cart.

See the slideshow above for the best sweater vests to buy before they’re gone.