These Necklaces Will Instantly Elevate Any Outfit

Layering necklaces is the Instagram influencer-approved trend that just won’t quit. But during the summer months, we tend to think less is more. So rather than spending all that time securing necklace after necklace after necklace around our necks, we’re going to stick to rocking statement chokers from here on out.

Now we’re not talking about those thick chokers the 90s made popular. The modern versions are much more minimal. Even the ones boasting summer-worthy accents like shells and pearls are still somewhat subtle. We plan on wearing them with maxi dresses, rompers and even swimsuits — as long as we’re not planning on taking a dip.

If you’re worried about dropping a wad of cash to get the right collar, relax. There are plenty of deals to be had. We managed to find several cool chokers for $75 and under. And most of these necklaces will stay in style long after the first snowflake falls.

Here are the best statement chokers to wear anywhere and everywhere this summer. (Even if all you’re doing is just working/relaxing at home.)