First (Video) Date Outfit Ideas Guaranteed to Make the Right Impression

Images: Imaxtree

In the age of COVID-19, online dating is surging. And we’re not just talking about dating sites and apps. There’s been a dramatic uptick in video dating since many singles still feel uneasy about venturing out to bars and restaurants with someone they haven’t been quarantining with. But video dating brings up all new issues, including what to wear. So we went ahead and compiled some first video date outfit ideas.

When it comes to first dates of any kind, it’s important to make the right impression. Fashion-minded folk love dressing up like they’re about to be captured by street style photographers. But your date may not be up on the latest trends, like bike shorts, padded-shoulder tees and voluminous dresses. So it’s best to play it (relatively) safe. That means waiting until the second or third date to show off your sartorial skills.

The great thing about video dating is that you don’t have to worry about which shoes go with your chosen outfit. Working in some jewelry is fine, just don’t overdo it, especially when it comes to chunky baubles.

Whether your virtual date is shaping up to be a more formal encounter or a laid-back-get-to-know-you session, we’ve got you covered. See the slideshow above for 16 great first video date outfit ideas.