Light-Wash Jeans Are the Official Pants of Summer 2020

Dark denim is a staple in our winter wardrobes. But for some reason, we don’t always lighten up when summer comes around. Maybe it’s because light-wash jeans aren’t exactly flattering or forgiving. Bleached denim tends to show off every little aspect of our figures, whether we want it to or not.

So you may be dismayed to hear that light-wash jeans are staging a comeback this summer. But there’s no reason to fret. The 2020 faded options are far superior to the lighter versions of yore. Plus, you have your pick of styles. If you’re still in a mom jean state of mind, Zara’s got you covered. More into ones with flair? Treat yourself to a few pairs of flared jeans. There are also plenty of straight-leg and bootcut options out there.

See the slideshow above for the coolest light-wash jeans on the market at a range of price points.