Stylish Wrap Sandals You’ll Want to Show Off All Summer Long

Sandals are synonymous with summer, but this season we’re leaning toward one particular silhouette. Whether you prefer to call them lace-up sandals or wrap sandals is totally up to you. We just call them fabulous.

And there are so many styles to choose from. From flats that make up for their lack of height down below up top to thicker straps to stand-up coils, there’s something for every sandal lover. On the color front, we’re pretty flexible. While a pair of white sandals in summer is just as versatile as white boots between winter and spring, we never shy away from bold and/or bright hues. Plus, patterns like snakeskin and confetti-style prints are also high on our must-try list.

Ready to wrap up your summer shoe shopping? Scroll through the slideshow above for the best wrap sandals that’ll make a statement all season long.