Get Ready to Show a Little Skin Because Cut-Outs Are About to Be Everywhere and on Everything

We know that cut-outs are nothing new. They’ve been popping up on the runways for a few seasons now. But at the Spring 2020 shows, they seemed more omnipresent than ever. Not that we’re complaining.

Gucci, Off-White, Paco Rabanne, Versace, Stella McCartney and more embraced the ongoing trend. From front-and-center circles to see-through petals to teardrop shapes, cut-outs have really blossomed. And their position is ever-evolving. You’ll see patches of skin in the front, on the back, on shoulders, on the sides and even on waistbands. (Better brush up on your tucking skills.) And the accents know no limits. We’re spotting them on everything from tops to bottoms to shoes — and even on accessories.

When it comes to styling, stick with only one cut-out piece. Combining too many openings may give the impression you’re simply too cheap to buy clothes without “holes.”

Before you start stressing about flaunting too much skin, take a deep breath. Most of the cut-outs are pretty strategically placed so you won’t feel like you’re flashing anyone. Our only piece of advice? Make sure to apply a layer of sunscreen to any and all exposed areas.

See the slideshow above for the coolest pieces boasting cut-outs in literally all shapes and sizes.