Voluminous Dresses Are Our New Quarantine Uniform

Now that we’re cooped up at home, we have time to try lots of things we never would have dared. Take voluminous dresses. Before the pandemic, most of us didn’t exactly have experimenting with the larger-than-life movement on our to-do lists. But since we’re trying to stay comfy while staying indoors, it seems like the perfect opportunity to test out the trend.

Think of all those voluminous dresses you’ve seen touted online as another form of nightgowns. They’re roomy yet still look polished enough to impress at your next Zoom meeting or on your upcoming virtual date. And they’re constructed of cozy material like cotton so you won’t mind rocking them all day long.

Once we’re able to go (somewhat) back to normal, voluminous dresses will slot easily into your late spring/early summer wardrobe. You can wear them as intended, in billowy fashion, or wrap them up with stylish belts. Maxi dresses are great on their own combined with flats. The shorter silhouettes will even work come fall since they’re practically begging to be teamed with straight-leg jeans.

Ready to crank up the volume? See the slideshow above for the best voluminous dresses to lounge around in at home now and flex your sartorial muscle in later.