15 Best Belts to Instantly (and Affordably) Upgrade Any Outfit

We’re all trying to save money right now even while we bide our time surfing the internet and visiting all of our favorite online shops. But instead of simply virtually window shopping or spending funds on impulse buys you’ll probably regret later, we have a suggestion. Buy belts.

Belts are probably the most underrated accessories. Once used to literally just keep our pants from falling down, they’ve become sartorial status symbols, especially up on the runway. Slipping on a belt makes an immediate difference, no matter the outfit. From adding a statement belt to take your standard white T-shirt and jeans ensemble to another level to reining in those popular voluminous dresses, they’re the secret to a look’s success.

And you don’t have to shell out big bucks to get them. We found statement belts for as low as under $15. Even if you decide to go the designer route, buying a belt is way cheaper than picking up a dress, skirt, top or shoes from high-end labels. Hell, sometimes they’re even less expensive than a logo-clad tee.

Here are the best belts that give you the most bang for your buck.