18 Pairs of Sweatpants You Still Won’t Mind Wearing Outside When Quarantine Is Over

After weeks of working, living, playing and going stir-crazy at home, you’ve probably lost the will to get dressed up. We hear that. So you’ve probably dug out your “best” sweatpants and slipped them on day after day after day. Because who wants to do laundry right now?

While your ratty, old pair is fine to sport indoors where just your significant other or family will witness them in all their glory, you can’t, or rather shouldn’t, leave the house in them. Even if you’re just running those essential errands. This may be news to you, but there are sweatpants that are actually pretty stylish. Sometimes we even spot them up on the runways or on the street style set.

When it comes to styling, be creative. Skip the matching sweatshirt and opt for a cool button-down or crop top. Instead of sneakers, try a pair of statement sandals or heels.

We took the liberty of rounding up 18 pairs of the best sweatpants around. They’re so fashion-forward, you’ll want to wear them inside and out.