These Are the Top 10 Trends of Fashion Month Fall 2020

Images: Imaxtree

As we bid a fond farewell to Fashion Month Fall 2020, it’s time for reflection. Sure, we could harp on how New York Fashion Week isn’t what it was or how the coronavirus impacted Milan Fashion Week, but we’d rather focus on the good stuff. Like all the top trends that came out of the four fashion capitals.

Which trends are sticking around?

There are a few familiar favorites. Quilted coats are in it to win it and two-tone clothing is set to last way beyond spring. Skin will be in as cut-outs are sure to make a statement and off the shoulder will be the neckline of choice once again once the weather cools back down. Victorian Era dressing is still a thing, although to a lesser extent. And the fringe will really be flying.

Are there any new essentials for fall?

Along with some tried-and-true trends, there were several surprising newbies. Brace yourself because harnesses are about to become the new must-have way to keep everything in place. You may need to add a fourth step to those three-piece suits since ties were (almost) everywhere. And big, boxy blazers are no match for the wide variety of belts designed to wrap them up, whether you prefer your belts skinny or extra broad, you’ll be happy with the options out there.

Check out the slideshow above as we reveal the top trends of the Fall 2020 season. We’ll leave it up to you how many you want to work into your fall wardrobe come September.

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