6 Trends That Ruled the Runways at New York Fashion Week Fall 2020

Images: Imaxtree

Now that we’ve oohed and aahed over the street style and our forum members have rated all the collections, it’s time to move on to the legacy of New York Fashion Week Fall 2020. In other words, the trends. In past years, the Big Apple has introduced us to such gems as robe coats, fashion-forward Tevas, cargo pants and more.

And when New York Fashion Week isn’t setting trends, it’s reinforcing them (for better or worse). Bike shorts, crochet and tie-dye all received big boosts after NYFW certified them fresh.

For Fall 2020, we’re treated to a few returning favorites. After seasons where different animal prints vied for dominance, leopard print is once again king of the jungle. Plaid is still popular and comes in sets. Instead of three-piece suits and shorts suits, skirts and blazers are the new power couple. And get ready to shine because a lot of designers had the Midas touch.

Check out the slideshow above to see what we’ll all be wearing come September. And stay tuned to see what the other fashion capitals have up their sleeves. We can’t wait to see if any of the Big Apple’s trends have international legs.

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