Prediction: These 7 Fashion Trends Will Be Everywhere at Coachella This Year

Every spring, people flock to Indio, California for two weekends of outdoor music performances from major entertainers like Beyoncé and Ariana Grande. But of course, the annual festival isn’t just about the music, it’s also a mini fashion show where attendees like “Coachella Queen” Vanessa Hudgens enjoy the festivities in their finest festival outfits. If you’re still stumped about what to wear this year, global search platform Lyst predicts some major fashion trends for the festival season.

Based on the online shopping behavior of more than 5 million people per month, along with research for emerging micro trends and ongoing shifts in the culture of fashion and consumerism over the past three years, Lyst predicts that these seven fashion trends will be winning Coachella:

  1. Y/Project denim panties
  2. Oversized “ugly” sandals
  3. Futuristic, sport-inspired sunglasses
  4. Harnesses
  5. Bike shorts
  6. Sequin bikinis
  7. Expect to see men in sequin outfits, too

It’s no surprise that Hudgens was ahead of the trends last year when she wore a sequin bikini top and sequin pants. Check out the full list of trends over at Lyst.

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