Dad Vacation Wear Just Got the Fashion Girl Makeover

Good ol’ vacation wear for the daddest of dads has gone through a groundbreaking shift. The Hawaiian shirt is now a major street style winner and the coolest anti-trend pick of the season — Zara, Hedi Slimane and Justin Bieber can testify.

But there’s one brand dedicated exclusively to giving the tropical island shirt a fresh, new, nongendered narrative with its original artwork and flair of styling. We’re talking about Tombolo, the Brooklyn-based brand rescuing the Hawaiian shirt from the kitschy, ironical clothing category.

“Over the years I dug deeper into the Hawaiian shirt’s history, and learned about why it ended up so spectacularly different from everything else in my closet,” says Chris Galasso, brand co-owner with Michael Sard. “I found influences reaching far beyond the shores of Hawaii to Japan, Tahiti, England, France, California, and beyond. There was no grand plan. This shirt was born out of a wildly eclectic mix of cultures over hundreds of years.”

Here’s why we’re rocking dad resort wear anywhere this summer.

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