Straight-Leg Jeans Have the Cool-Girl Stamp of Approval

Straight-leg jeans on the streets.

Image: Imaxtree

It wasn’t the dramatic coats, beaded bags or piles of accessories that caught our eye on the streets during fashion month. It was the shape of the jeans. Classic straight-leg jeans didn’t go unnoticed against all of the look-at-me peacock pieces. And it is clear that no denim wardrobe is complete without a versatile pair of straight jeans.

Not to be confused with skinny jeans, straight-leg jeans have a less tapered shape. As the name implies, straight jeans go straight down from the hip with a consistent leg width. They’ll fit tighter on the hip and looser on the leg. The rise can vary, but a classic mid-rise or high-rise are the most popular. This more relaxed silhouette makes straight-leg jeans a better option for bottomless brunches compared to super skinny styles. Unlike some denim silhouettes that can be fashion Marmite (see: ultra low-rise jeans, dad jeans and some of Vetements’ more infamous offerings), straight-leg jeans are more user-friendly and have widespread appeal. Some could argue they’re less divisive than mom jeans or bootcut jeans.

Straight-leg jeans done the street style way.

Image: Imaxtree

Choose a pair of straight-leg jeans in a versatile mid-blue with a classic not-too-high, not-too-low rise and they will look as effortlessly stylish in a few years as they do today. We also have some options for those who want to make more of a fashion-forward statement with their denim. (Note the side zippers, patterns, uneven hems, etc.) These offerings show that there is a pair of straight-leg jeans for all, no matter someone’s budget, size or aesthetic.

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