This Instagram Account Is Chronicling Miuccia Prada’s Most Iconic Looks

By the time a designer makes it to icon status, they’ve usually racked up decades of runway shows and their creations have graced a multitude of red carpets. But how did they get there? Your favorite designers developed a sense of style just like everyone else — through their own trial and error over many years.

And nowhere is this better displayed than on Instagram, where a new account is chronicling everything the iconic Miuccia Prada has worn over the years. It is no wonder that the designer who has changed the face of luxury fashion has had quite a sartorial journey herself.

Every one of Miuccia’s fashion statements has shifted the narrative of fashion in some way. Be it her fox fur boa or her beloved pleated skirts, Miuccia is the original haute couture influencer. So, it’s no surprise that a page named What Miuccia Wore has acquired more than 7,000 followers. Here are our favorite moments from this stroll through Miuccia’s fashion history.

‘Sincere chic’ is what Miuccia had written in her program notes about the 1999 Fall/Winter collection. Fashion chroniclers will tell you that the last Prada show of the last millennium ushered in the empowered comfort fashion for the working girl, which is now prevalent in the label’s creations. Miuccia’s pleated leather skirt is the very definition of that aesthetic.

For its Spring/Summer 2010 Ready-to-Wear line, Prada decided to feature monochrome florals and slinky leather. Miuccia effortlessly rocks a sleeveless shift dress from the line paired with her trusty fox fur striped boa.

If you’re just discovering the tiara as an everyday accessory, know that Miuccia Prada is the mother of the wearable statement that is now taking global runways by storm. Here, the designer pairs a dramatic tiara with her fashion go-to, the pleated skirt.

Prada’s romance with the fringe was solidified when Miuccia stepped out for the 2018 Met Gala in this flashing neon number, which upholds Prada’s no-holds-barred dedication to daily wear drama.

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