30 Ways to Wear Your Winter Whites Without Getting Washed Out

One of the oldest fashion “rules” is that white is off-limits after Labor Day. We’re not exactly sure where this concept came from, but it’s clearly nonsense since most of the street style crowd are all about winter whites. While these sartorial stars have pretty much debunked the myth, that doesn’t mean sporting white-on-white looks is easy-peasy. Far from it in fact.

Going head-to-toe white can often wash you out and obviously nobody wants that. The key is to opt for different shades of white — ivory, ecru, off-white, eggshell — to keep things interesting. Or you can insert some strategic pops of color to give your look lots of added dimension. And don’t be afraid to rely on other known neutrals like gray, black and brown or favor statement coats in plaid or camo. Texture is also very important since it can add a little kick to an otherwise stark ensemble.

So are you ready to give it a go? Here’s a street style crib sheet on how to flaunt those winter whites without blending into the snowy background. That way you can wear white all season long.

Images: Imaxtree

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